Robyn Moretti
MONIKER Cursed Man
Margot Robbie/Matt Bomer
Robyn Jay Moretti
No Information
Five feet, four inches (female) / six three (male)
Cassian (native), Gothic. Holy Gothic, Bordelean, Wyzkowish, Sylvan

Traveler/con man

Witch's Curse: Please see Other for details
A belt of daggers, two short swords, bow/arrows.

Mostly rough travel clothing that doesn’t always fit right, like he doesn’t know how to wear it.

Socks the palomino he won in a card game.

Witch's Curse: Heightened pheromones are part and parcel of the curse laid upon his head. Not only is he now a tiny woman he also attracts men like bees to honey just by being near them, whether he wants to or not, he has absolutely no control over this and he dearly wishes he did. Oh, and he can’t tell anyone about the curse - like, he physically is unable to tell anyone. If he tries his words come out garbled or make no sense at all and he can’t write it or the same thing happens. He has no idea how to break the curse and he can’t find the bitch witch that did it to him - doesn’t mean he’s not trying though. He’s also pretty sure part of the curse was to give him Gods awful luck with women since most can’t seem to stand him. The curse has also made him completely biologically female and he’s not so happy about finding out what ‘that time of the month’ truly means and the emotional rollercoaster he seems to constantly be on. Oh and, the worst part, the curse has made him a, erm, how to put this delicately...a bloody damned virgin!

A ladies man, a man’s man, a womanizer and a charmer all wrapped into one. This hasn’t changed much since being cursed, in fact he thinks it’s just improved and now that he has this banging body it should be so much easier to get the chicks - if you ignore the grump after he gets turned down, which is like all the time. Yeah, no, that’s not how it happened and he’s pretty pissed about this change. Even though he’s kind of crabby now it hasn’t changed his ability to turn on the charm and the one plus he’s found is that all men fall for a pretty face so using his new looks makes it a hell of a lot easier to get men to do things for him - though harder for female, damn it.

He’s used to getting everything he wants, he’s almost the perfect definition of a spoiled brat, so the fact that he can’t go home (he tried that, didn’t turn out well) and has been cut off from his allowance and is forced to roam looking for the woman who did this to him has made him a bit more sassy than he used to be. Not to mention all the men coming after him and all he did was sit and have a drink at a bar. He's not above continuing to drink like a fish, belch, manhandle himself in public (habits die hard, okay?) and telling a raunchy joke with those same men trying to get into his pants because, hell, just because he's stuck in this body doesn't mean he's not still a man.

Generally he’s an upbeat guy, some of that still comes out unless he’s being hounded by a bunch of horny men who won't take no for an answer. He’s also one determined little monster probably because he’s not used to hearing the word ‘no’ so he has trouble believing it’s an actual thing. He won’t accept anything less until he’s accomplished what he wants; that used to be women but now it’s to find the witch that cursed him and make her change him back. It’s the only thing keeping him going really, finding her, moving through country after country and scouring every place, every story told, for anything that sounds like it might be her. Of course that doesn’t mean he doesn’t take some time to try and woo a lady or two though his efforts there haven’t gone so well. It’s damn frustrating.

Born to one Lord Tobias and Lady Juniper Moretti, the sixth child and only male it’s easy to see how he became the man he did. He literally never wanted for anything the moment the midwife informed the new parents of the gender of the newborn. His mother, sisters, and his father all doted upon him. His father finally had the boy he always wanted and took full advantage, teaching him how to hunt, track and the art of swordsmanship and archery as well as how to deal with your own kills. His sisters taught him everything he needed to know about women, or at least what he thought he needed to know, simply by observing them in day to day life and their constant attention of babying of him. He was used to the attention of women being on him from the moment he walked into a room and lingering even when he left starting from the time he was a baby up until the curse. His presence always managed to command a room and garner a little more than simple jealousy from other men in the room, friends included.

He grew up and from the time he learned what sex was he was flirting and partaking with any willing woman - mainly his manors servants to start. He never saw the need to ‘settle down’ or stay with one woman when there were so many to taste, to partake from, so how could he settle on just one? He left a wake of broken hearts, shattered virginities, and headaches for his father whenever his dalliances landed a ‘noble’ lady in a troubling situation. He’s damn lucky he doesn’t have any bastards running around (or does he?) but he’s escaped plenty of marriage traps when ‘chaste’ ladies have tried to get them caught doing the horizontal tango together. Honestly, up until he turned 27 his life was rather boring, nothing worthy of note, until he met She Who Must Not Be Named.

She was beautiful, beyond beautiful really, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and he had to have her. He didn’t care what it took he was going to bed that woman, it would be his crowning glory. He pulled out all the stops with her, played his best game and she gave him a good run for his money. In the end, as always, he won. He got what he wanted but he had made a fatal mistake in everything he had done, one thing being ignoring all other women in his pursuit of her. In all his effort he had made her think he loved her. He had never said the words but his actions, unlike any he had done before, had lead this woman to think he truly loved her and wanted her for his wife and no other, so when she caught him in bed with not one, but two, other women less than a day after she had given herself to him...well, it didn’t go very well.

She pointed at him, an unnatural wind picking up in his room and sending his two lovely companions scattering to freedom beneath the visible wrath of SWMNBN.

“You have broken your last heart, Robyn Moretti,” her voice boomed, making his head spin with the sheer volume of it, “now you will know what it is like for those you prey upon.” and then everything went black.

When he woke up he was still in his room, in his bed, but everything was in place. Papers and clothing weren’t scattered (at least not more than usual) but his head throbbed as if he had too much to drink the night before. Remembering the two beauties that had been sharing his bed he simply grinned (though it hurt) and thought nothing of it, it was simply another night among many he had before. As for SWMNBN he simply thought it an a nightmare induced by excessive alcohol and sex and forgot all about it. That is until he tossed back the blankets and went to ‘adjust’ himself. There was nothing to adjust.

His hand found...well, I’m sure you can guess what his hand found, and a frantic pat down of the rest of his person confirmed that...yes...he was a woman, his favorite piece of anatomy was missing. He rushed to a mirror, just to make sure, and even though he knew what he would find he was still displeased at the sight that greeted him. He started screaming before he could stop it and, of course, no one came rushing because, honestly, feminine screaming was a norm coming from his room. He ended up bursting into the great hall, naked, where his family was dining.

"WHY AM I A WOMAN?!” he had roared quite loudly for the small form he was trapped in and frantically scanned the stunned faces of his family as they stared at him, er, her. To make a long story short he was tossed out on his ass as they thought he was just another strumpet of his that had overstayed her welcome. Given how his father was used to taking out his left overs this was nothing new, though there was a bit more satisfaction to it since this particularly crazy woman was screaming about how he was his son; of course that’s how it sounded to Robyn as he spoke but his family heard nothing but nonsense which he realized later when he tried to tell them again. At least his father was kind enough to get him a dress and handed him a bag of gold for his’ trouble’ and then the door was promptly slammed in his face. Of his own home!

Needless to say he went looking for SWMNBN immediately and, of course, she was nowhere to be found. He’s spent the last year looking for her, having stopped trying to tell people about the curse only after six months in when it only did him more harm than good. To him that wasn't even the worst part, it was the fact that he had been apparently turned into a full biological female - let’s just say his first period was, well, frightening and left quite the impression on him. But we’ll save those gory stories for later. Just know what he intends to search to the ends of the earth for SWMNBN and get the bitch to restore him back to his natural glory. Oh, and he’s got to suffer through hordes of men coming onto him with worse pick up lines than he ever had - at least he had game.

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OTHER CHARACTERS:Wind Lannis, Nymeria Provos, Eleanore Dubois


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