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X   Roleplay
The mightiest civilization, forged into a supreme power through innovative technology and ruthless conquest. The Gothic armies are large, disciplined and modernized; knights and conscripts have been replaced by full-time professional soldiers, supplied by the state.

It is ruled by an Emperor and three Province Lords, all elected by the Holy Church. The Emperor is only as powerful as the Province Lords, and must work together with them. This creates frequent civil war with pretenders to the title, but at the same time it also allows the swift disposal of incompetent rulers.

Despite all its progress, the Empire is a rigid totalitarian regime; the worship of foreign religion, use of magick and simply being non-human are considered acts of heresy, punishable by death.

DATE: Feb 20 2018, 11:56 PM
A prosperous and enlightened monarchy. It is ruled a generous Queen, who has ushered in great prosperity and stability. A core focus on diplomatic neutrality, lighter taxation and freedom of expression have seen wealth passed down from the highest noble to the lowest peasant.

Magick (except for necromancy) is completely legal, and many prominent factions are centred around the mystical art. As a result Bordeaux has never had major plague outbreak, as mages are hired to create powerful wards around cities, curing the sick with far greater success than mundane treatments.

DATE: Feb 20 2018, 11:29 AM
A coastal country situated on a wide peninsula south of Bordeaux. Lacking central government, Cassina is politically divided into three independent city-states with their own unique customs and rulers.

Although these three city-state each act with their own interests in mind, they will unite to fight a common enemy. It is said the only way to conquer Cassina would be to turn its city-states against each other.

DATE: Feb 20 2018, 04:34 PM
A once independent Kingdom in the north, who fell into massive debt with the Holy Gothic Empire. Unable to repay this debt, Wyzkow became the target of Gothic conquest, and a great war was fought for control of the territory. That was ten years ago.

The Holy Gothic Empire won, disposing of the royal family and making Wyzkow a province of their own. However, rebellion is brewing; the remnants of the Wyzkow Army have formed a guerrilla resistance, and rumour has it the last heir to the Wyzkow throne still lives.

DATE: Feb 21 2018, 04:50 PM
A frozen land far to the north, the homeland of the Dwarves. Here, this warlike race builds massive fortress-cities in the mountains. The land is not unified, but instead split between rivalling Dwarven Kings and Warlords. One thing is certain, that in the Dwarven lands there is constant war.
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Located just off the Bordeaux coast, the Sylvan Isles are a densely forested wilderness of mythical legend, and the last homeland of the elves.

Secretive and isolationist, the elves dwell in separate tribes, yet are connected through worship of magick and symbiotic bond with nature.

The vast wilderness of these mysterious lands have made it near impossible for colonization attempts by human invaders.
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DATE: --
Destabilized territory south of the Empire. The region features an anachronistic culture, a medieval and tribal blend. There is no collective government, each town ruled by a different warlord or mercenary group.

Corruption and lack of civil law have allowed vast cities based entirely around crime to flourish, with black market items and mass slavery commonplace. An infamous clause of the Free Lands is that there is no concept of criminal trial; criminals can only be accused if caught in the act. Not only that, but the mercenaries in power are often as unscrupulous as those living under them.

Outside the walls of corrupt civilization, the wilderness of this territory remains vast and unexplored, covered by unfavourable boggy terrain, littered with ruins, and infested by bandits and dangerous creatures.

DATE: Feb 20 2018, 03:21 PM
An exotic subcontinent to the south inspired by the Middle East and Arabian Nights style fantasy. It is a territory composed of several theocratic caliphates, although the overarching ruler is the Sultan of Mecca, to whom all the other rulers pay their allegiance.

The vast deserts of Kerak are dominated by nomadic people, and the most uncharted wilderness is scattered with ruins of the long extinct Luxor civilization (ancient Egypt equivalent). Great pyramids and tombs contain vast treasures, guarded over by undead pharaohs.
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DATE: --
A land of vast savannahs to the east of Kerak. This is the homeland of the gnolls, a primitive tribal race. Here the gnolls dwell in isolated hunter-gatherer communities or large warbands, unchanged for centuries.

Although attempts have been made to colonize and civilize Turesh, the gnolls have resisted and driven them all away. This land remains savage and untamed.
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DATE: --
Between the cultured civilizations of the East and West lies a vast forested wilderness, home to the savage tribal societies of the orcs. From these untamed lands, the greenskins rule with an iron fist, warring between each other let alone neighbouring civilizations. Through this perilous wilderness stretches the Silk Road, a trade route linking the Holy Gothic Empire to the Jade Empire.
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An enormous human Empire far to the east, based upon Ancient China. It is ruled by magick wielding dynasties, who have posed as godly beings over their citizens for centuries.

DATE: Feb 21 2018, 04:13 PM
An island nation far to the southeast of the main continent, and the cultural equivalent of Medieval Japan. The Emperor was slain two centuries ago, thrusting the country into perpetual civil war which remains to this day.
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DATE: --
A mysterious tropical continent, far to the west of the civilized world, across the Great Ocean. It is home to the reptilian race known as the Saurians, who have a primitive Aztec inspired culture. The largest have created great temple-cities where they sacrifice enemies to their gods. The smallest are isolated hunter-gatherer tribes.

The entire continent is covered in humid disease-ridden jungles, and infested with prehistoric creatures. However, these dangers have not stopped the humans from attempting to colonize it. Since the New World was discovered by Cassinan explorer Christoph Columbo thirty-four years ago, all major nations have sailed to its shores and established towns and trade relations with the local lizard folk, some attempts successful and others disastrous.

In addition to a continent, there is a great archipelago off the coast, where great pirate republics are slowly making ground against the lawful colonists.
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