Nikolaus Roth
MONIKER Nightjar
Timothy Omundson
Nikolaus Roth
Niko (by kin and very few others), Nightjar (Gothic Code name), Florencio Rhunn (Former Treasurer of Solingen Castle), Thomas Cane (minor noble), Rathbone (Gothic trader)
Lean Muscle
Gothic (Native) Holy Gothic (Fluent) Wyzkowish (Fluent) Jadese (Fluent) Bordealan (Conversational) Yoshimese (Conversational) Cassini (Conversational)
Gothic Lord, Intelligencer, Assassin & sometime thief

Magick Shield
Mind Trick
Nether Vision
Legend Lore
Light Orb
Shatter * Extra spell earned via reward system
Nikolaus will always have about his person at least one slim dagger, though usually a pair. He feels particularly bereft without them. Outwardly he’s known to carry a bastard sword, favouring the longer reach, in an unadorned scabbard at his hip or across his back. It’s a utilitarian weapon, well used but well taken care of. When he knows that he's going to be in for a fight, though, he will also arm himself with a number of throwing knives and spikes discreetly hidden about his person. For distance he prefers a recurve bow with a side quiver at his hip or saddle. But he's been known to use whatever weapon he's had available at the time.

In all his finery, Nikolaus, could give the highest ranking noble a run for his money. He knows how to wear his wealth well but avoids overt ostentation most of the time. Instead, he favours more practical garb unless the situation demands it. At work, unless in disguise, he wears light armour which allows him plenty of movement. With an eye for detail, whatever he chooses to wear, the quality is undeniable. And always beneath he will have on a finely woven silk shirt from the Jade Empire. The sort that won’t tear and leave behind unpleasant fibres in wounds should a man have the misfortune of being stabbed.

He selects mounts as he needs them, but has used a dark bay Kaserne stallion called Arvo for the last couple of years.

Sinnafain - a silver dagger of uncertain origins, possibly from the destroyed Kingdom of Ebbing, taken from a Freelander necromancer. Used for dispatching undead, monsters and warding off evil magicks.

Also, one or two alchemical concotions for those occasions when he needs something to burn with violent haste or a touch of poisonous discretion.
Nikolaus has long since learnt to make the best of what he’s been handed in life, whether that be his inherent magickal talent or a situation turned sour. In an ideal world, he’d rather be in control of the situation, to steer it towards his advantage from the beginning, and ensure he has the upper hand. But he’s quick on his feet and knows how to make the most out of a bad hand. Nikolaus is nothing if not pragmatic.

That’s not to say that he’s not affected by things. He may do his best to hide behind a wicked smile, but those barbs still sting. The same broad mind that lets him think his way out of things also makes it tempting to dwell on them afterwards. More than once he’s found himself in the bottom of a cup brooding over how he might have done something differently. Such thoughts are wont to plague him if he allows them in and then throw off his future plans. So, Nikolaus does his best to keep moving. Anything to not be idle and start to dwell on the past. Constantly striving towards some intangible personal goal that will make him happy. Which will settle his racing mind and simply let him be.

One wouldn’t know it to look at him, but Nikolaus hails from rather humble beginnings. Minor nobility at best. His grandfather was little better than a wealthy merchant with high ambitions that married his daughter into the right family. His parents were fond of each other but far from enamoured. Love was something to be found elsewhere, a temporary distraction to be indulged in with care, but duty always came first. To the family. To the business. And to the Empire that had allowed it all to prosper in the first place.

Still, Nikolaus' early years was benign enough and he remembers it with nothing but fondness even if he rarely speaks of it. He rarely speaks of his past at all. For he had a different name then and lead a very different kind of life. Of how one of his grandfather’s associates recognised him for a potential warlock. He remains silent about the way his father spurned him when he found out. Of his grandfather’s desire to use him to further his own ambitions. But most of all he never speaks of how they forged him anew into a weapon fit for their purpose.

Nikolaus was nine when his magickal training began. His mentor, a powerful warlock within his own right from Bordeaux, was a strict teacher but not unkind. Under his tutelage, Nikolaus learnt more than he ever had about the world and about the people that populated it as well as magick. He was taught to see his magick not as a gift or a burden, but as a tool to be put to use. Much like him.

He was sixteen when they began putting his skills to use. His father may have disregarded him as a son but he wasn’t shy about making use of him as a weapon. The family aimed him at their competitors, using him to uncover all their dirty little secrets and occasionally to instigate a few as well. Nikolaus might have resented the callous way in which his family used him, but there was no denying he was very good at what he did. He even came to enjoy it.

Thus Nikolaus honed his skills until the time came when he no longer needed the tutelage of his master and the shelter of his family. He struck out on his own, taking what they'd given him and putting it to far better use for his own ends. He kept in touch and helped where needed. But he alone chose his cause and his course. In a scant few years, he built up several new identities and continued to switch between them, frequently creating new ones and discarding old as the situation demanded. One pseudonym began to stick though where it came to claiming responsibility for his work and Niko became known as Nightjar in certain quarters of the Empire. He became a wealthy man within his own rights but continued to do the Empire's dirty work more often than not when it was asked of him.

It was whilst gathering intelligence under the guise of Florencio Rhunn, Treasurer of Solingen Castle, that he first met Elisabeta Agathe. He could see she was trouble from a mile off but foolishly thought himself immune to her charms. He amused himself skimming small amounts from the treasury and continued to use Lord Solingen as a willing if unwitting ally in his schemes.

That was until the night that the Dragon of Willendorf decided to overturn everything. It was an unfortunate turn of events but as always Nikolaus leapt at the opportunity to turn it to his advantage. Out of the flames and ruins of the castle, he emerged a very wealthy man indeed with the bulk of Solingen's treasury in his possession. He also gained himself a companion after saving Elisabeta from Willendorf's men.

Together they wandered for a time before stopping in Sanct Gorthaufsen. They became lovers, though Nikolaus wasn’t foolish enough to believe she liked him for anything other than what he could provide. Money. Money enough for her brothel and her new life. For there was something in Elisabeta that he recognised from within himself. A deviousness that he found both alluring and alarming in equal measure. He was careful not to allow his disguise to slip. Though he was tempted more than once as the months wore on and they settled into a rhythm of sorts. For the first time in his life, he began to let his guard down as he seriously contemplated retirement in the guise of Florencio.

Right up until the night that she betrayed him to the Dragon of Willendorf himself no less. It cut much deeper than Niko cared to admit, though he had plenty of time to dwell on it over the coming weeks. Weeks of suffering as he’d never had the misfortune of suffering before. Still, the days slipped into a predictable pattern once more. The one shred of respite he could find was in the oblivion of unconsciousness. His one hope each time Rugen, Willendorf's torturer, came for him was to incite the man to fury and to tempt him into working him over just an inch too hard. Enough that Nikolaus might pass out and escape the pain and deprivation for a while at least.

Three weeks he was a guest of Willendorf’s deepest cells. Three weeks in which he learnt more about himself than he’d ever imagined possible. Until a new opportunity presented itself and finally Nikolaus was able to effect his escape. With the help of his magick and a pair of unrepentantly corrupt guards, he slipped away into the night. Physically a mere shadow of the man he’d been, it would take time to recover his strength. When he finally did he immediately set about orchestrating his revenge. He returned to Willendorf's castle and in the still of the night stole into the man's sleeping chamber armed with the most torturous poison in his arsenal. Up until that point, Nikolaus had considered himself many things. A killer when it was required but never before a cold-blooded murderer. He stood by and watched Sigismund writhe in agony through the night unable to call out to his guards. By morning he was gone and all that was left of the Dragon of Willendorf was a contorted corpse and rumour of the Creator's terrible punishment on the wicked.

The physical harm done to him continued to heal with time and magickal help but it is taking far longer for the hidden damage to fade. Niko had hoped that exacting his revenge against the people who had wronged him would help. But it has merely left him apathetic. He has thrown himself into work, taking contracts that he would not normally consider. And hunting monsters other than the ones in his head.

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BACKGROUND:I started out in PBeMs in the 90s when that was a thing. Since then I've played in pretty much every genre you can imagine and a few fandoms along the way. Even run a few of my own. I love plots that take time to develop and come to fruition. Characters that change and grow depending on their circumstances. I also have no issues with RPing sex, violence or language so long as it's used at the right time for the right purpose.

Personally, I hail from England, where I live with my partner and our new baby girl. Sleepless nights mean that I've got loads of ideas half-formed at three in the morning but next to no energy most of the time!
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