Maria Hohenzollern
MONIKER Holy Imperial Gothic Majesty
Monica Bellucci
Maria Amalia Hohenzollern
Ama, but nobody alive calls her it
5 Feet 7 Inches
☩ Gothic (Native, refined)
☩ High Gothic (basic)
☩ Bordelean (Passable, Refined)
☩ Cassinan (fluent, second tongue)
☩ Wyzkowish (basic, rough)
Holy Gothic Empress

Not magick potent in the slightest. In fact she regularly carries white jade.
Ornate pepperbox Flintlocks, never far from hand, though often carried by others rather than her.

Enchanted Elven dagger. Mithril and waystone, acquired at huge expense, can be called to her through the ether. This of course will not work as long as she wears her jade.

Derringer Loaded with a single White jade shot. Which needs to be replaced due to enviromental magic bleed.

Stunning array of dresses and jewellery; designed, made and worn for the occasion. Nearly all are expensive beyond the grasp of most people, deliberate statements of wealth.

In the HGE fashion mostly dictates black, but elsewhere she is fond of the reds and golds that her mother loved.

At least one piece of her jewellery is always white jade.

Because she is who she is some also have armoured inserts.

Carlotta Obviously she owns more horses than she would ever know what to do with, but this one is a prize among them; a descendant of one her mother brought from Napelle and an animal gifted by the Sultan of Mecca.

Other family:
☩ Frederick Hohenzollen(25), son, Reikmarshall of Ironclad, 3 kids of his own.
☩ Evelyn Warburg (22), daughter, Married to wealthy banker, 1 child.
Alessandra Gellerz (18), daughter, widowed from Cassinian merchant
☩ Consummate political animal: Maria was born, weaned and raised on intrigue. She has lived it every day of her life since and is very very good at it.
☩ Planner: Takes the time to make plans, backup plans, and spare plans in case those go wrong.
☩ Determined: Maria does not give up, she might change her mind about wanting something, but she never ever simply gives up.
☩ Ruthless: Mostly when called for but..
☩ Robust: Her life may have been one of comparative luxury but this has not made her soft, under the frills and flesh is a core of steel as solid as he foundries turn out.

- Bitch: The empress is a hard, ruthless woman. This has given her a well deserved reputation as someone not to cross
- Vindictive: Even when it would make sense for her to leave things alone she extracts her pound of flesh.
- Temper: Her imperial majesty has her mother's Cassinan temper, her father might have gone quiet when he was mad, but she, like the other parent, shouts and throws things... Then has someone thrown in the dungeon.

Maria was a prized child, but not spoiled; her mother was thorny and temperamental, her father stony and stand-offish. She was raised to be more than both of them, taught with pain and privation to learn her lessons well and value what she had.

She grew up all her parents could hope for, smart, capable and fiercely competent. She never took a handout she didn't earn, but earned everything she wanted, however hard she had to work to get it.

Marriage was a part of 'the process', as was having children and even her husband's unfortunate death at sea. She might not have needed her husband to die but him doing so did not hurt her for a single moment.

Despite this she does care for her kids, grandkids and some few close associates.... just not quite as much as she cares for herself.

Maria is a hard, steely woman, one who believes in hard work and innovation, one who prides herself in her drive and capability. She believes herself to be a realist and a pragmatist but her temper often makes this less than the whole truth.
Maria Anna Medici married the Count Frederick of Hohenzollern at Zollen Castle in the west of the Riekfurt province, uniting a breathtakingly wealthy, but heir poor, Cassinian merchant dynasty with a line of Gothic lords that ran all the way back to the Vanders and included the very first Emperor after the Holy revolution.

It was a marriage of purpose and of design, an old man sending off his prized daughter to be an almost literal princess in as near as he could get to a fairytale castle, while another old man got the wife that he finally had time for now his campaigning was done.

Sometime in between acting as the Lord chancellor for the Emperor of the time and occasional returns to the battlefield Frederick managed to father three children on his temperamental, very Cassinian wife.

Plague carried one off, a foolish accident another and an assassin the third during a scuffle that cost Frederick a hand and an eye.

And suddenly, they needed one more, which was duly fathered and birthed, only this one was a girl ad now the medicos were adamant that Maria should have no more or she risked losing both herself and any child.

So the newly christened Maria Amalia Hohenzollern became the figure that the pair pinned all their hopes and dreams upon, raising her from the very earliest age to be not only an inheritor of the castle and lands but of the mercantile legacy and the familial histories of both.

It was a lot to ask of any child and their dark haired, dark eyed girl spent a lot of time very unhappy as a result of that. But she also learned, and learned well. She absorbed every lesson, from book and tutor, and fought to excel even beyond the expectations put upon her. When given opportunities to prove herself nothing less than exceptional results would do.

And not because her parents expected that, but because she demanded it of herself.

This included the loan she was given by her uncle at twelve, that she turned into three ships and a three hundred percent profit inside two years. That included the village her father gifted her at thirteen that she took loans for and built a foundry at. That included the gift she gave herself at sixteen when she went looking for a husband, a man she could mould and do with as she wished while increasing her power, wealth and influence

Her father married her off to another Goth, the son of an Army man who had saved his life in Bordeaux, one who she picked out for herself from a list he and her mother had put together for her.

That the son was less than brilliant was definitely deliberate, as was the fact that the husband's father was then serving as the Emperor's spymaster.

Dutifully, in between opening more foundries and investing heavily in new technology, she had children with the 'pretty enough' man, arranging his schedule so that he would be available at the appropriate times and ensuring that his mistress was elsewhere so he wouldn't be wasting the bits of him she needed.

To her surprise she actually grew rather attached to each of them and even tried to do better by them than her parents had done by her.

Then the war broke out, a long term plan of the then Emperor coming to fruition as the excesses of the corrupt Wyzkow royalty provided a casus belli for an invasion. Her father dutifully strapped on his crested black armour and went off to war.. only to never return. He and his regiment were lost almost to a mane in the holding action that put the Wyzkow army where Steiner could crush them at Blackfen.

His body came home in a lead sealed coffin, draped with the black flag he had proudly served under all his life, he was buried in the castle crypts beside eleven generations of his forbears.

And to Maria the younger's utter surprise her mother actually seemed to wilt before her eyes in the months to come, dying less than a year after the man she had somehow come to care for so very much.

Meanwhile Maria leveraged her father's heroic death into more influence at court, recognising the failing health of the Emperor, suspecting foul play of some sort and looking for ways to profit from it.

Favours were called in, serious sums doled out, promises made and blackmail done. Posts in the administrative establishment were leveraged and land traded like cattle.

Somewhere during all of that she managed to find herself a mistress she was rather pleased by whose husband was useful too... and her husband died at sea, his ship on an anti-piracy patrol to the New world.

Maria found even more reason to wear black and present an even more sympathetic figure to those who were swayed by such fluffiness.

The Emperor at last did what he had been needing to do and, at thirty-seven, Maria pulled off the coup of her life, pushing cajoling and politicking her way onto the Gothic Throne, to sit on in her own right.

The daughter of a hero, the wealthy heiress of a dynasty and the dutiful daughter of the Holy Church..she was now the Holy Gothic Empress.

That was five years ago, Maria has survived four assassination attempts, numerous other diabolical distance attacks and even more attempts to marry her. She had ruled well if not kindly and everywhere under her nominal dominion had prospered, including those parts that used to fly other flags.

Her spymasters continue to report to her almost daily, her bought and paid for cardinals likewise, so she is far from unaware of the threats that remain to her Empire, but she is already making plans, and backup plans...

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