Christina Magdalena
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Christina Magdalena of the Sisters of the sacred Cross.
- Gothic - [Fluent]
- High Gothic [Fluent]
- Wyzkowish [Capable]
- Cassinan [Broken]
- Bordelean [Very Broken]
Inquisitor Captain

N/B Unaware that this is magic, believes every action to be related to her Faith

☩ Dispel
☩ Shield
☩ Heat
: The Lance of Saint Landrada Holy lance from ancient history, forged from bronze and meteoric iron with a naturally magical haft taken from a sacred Yoshimese tree. Achieved through the 'Spear' Series of threads.

Vivere Verus: Steel Greatsword, inscribed with “QUI FALSITATE VIVIT ANIMAM OCCIDIT
FALSUS IN ORE CARET HONORE”, ("Who lives in falsehood slays their soul; whose speech is false, their honor.") a gift from her patron, not without irony.
☩: In Nomine DomineBrass pommeled long sword inscribed with catechism of faith
Dragoon Pistols: Silver chased paired heavy long pistols, made for Tia’s hands, a gift from a grateful lady whose life Tia saved. Equipped with a range of bullets; silver, bone and even white jade. (the latter stored in a lead tube to preserve them)
Steel Dag: Simpler steel dagger with 12’ blade and wire wound hilt

☩ Half Plate armour with Inquisition blazon, made at her request. worn over gambeson
leather armour, made of not-dragon hide skinned from the creature in the marshes.
Nun’s habit, simple woolen belted with cord
White Jadese Dress, saved for formal occasions. Appeals to her because it is simple as well as exotic.
Uniform jacket, much gussied up since the palace visit.

Cassinan Black “Black Peter”, loyal and much loved

☩ coin pouch
☩ camp kit (sewing, cooking cleaning)
☩ Canon of Faith (holy book) and Book of High Prayer
☩ Inquisitor Captain’s Icon of faith and papers
Saddle bags, 'alchemically' crafted by Viper school; holds more and ways less.
Alchemy kit Basic but well made, contains workbook
☩ Trained, hardened and blooded swordswoman
☩ Courageous and resolute
☩ Educated, well mannered and well spoken
☩ Novice Hexer Alchemy
- Fierce temper she struggles to control
- Struggling with matters of faith
- World learned cynicism struggles against natural compassion

Outwardly stern, modest and upstanding Tia appears to be the very model of a militant follower of her faith; more familiar with the proclamations of Heresy than the words to “the maid of Kaserne,” more likely to condemn than carouse.

All of that though hides the complexity of a woman conflicted to her core; alternately cynical even hateful of a church she knows to be venal and corrupt, yet passionately committed to the compassionate ideals of the faith and the good that it can achieve.

Likewise her militant upbringing, and its consequent proximity to ‘rougher elements’, clashes daily with the modesty and humility espoused by the vows she took as a cloistered nun. (made worse by her passion for the fairer sex)

Tia remains inquisitive, intelligent and fierce; a passionate and compassionate woman, bound into a role she has willingly dedicated her life to
Tia’s mother did not live long enough to see her born, her body never having recovered from the violence surrounding the child’s origin. Her father could have been any of the ‘soldiers’ that sacked the convent and ‘spent the night’ there.

The young, far from faithful, priest, Hoess, that rescued her from her mother’s cooling body was the one to name her and ultimately the one to decide her fate, guiding her towards the place he felt she could be most useful.

She was far from the only tool the ambitious only outwardly moral man drew to himself, brave men might whisper words such as blackmail, poisonings and even theurgy… but not for long and not if they didn’t want their (orphaned) families to become assets too. He rose to become the Cardinal of Wissenburg, but his ambitions ended abruptly at the end of a sword

So the nameless child became Katrina Parvus a ward of the church and a special project of the man who would be cardinal, raised alternately by the nuns who served him and the agents who protected him; given over to the former to learn her faith the latter to learn to kill for it. The best that could be said for that life was that she was rarely hungry as so many others were; thrashed, beaten and abused but never hungry unless injuries made her incapable of eating.

It was during one of the worst of the latter incidents that her growing scepticism of the faith she was bound to got cut off; lying there in her broken and delirious haze she actually heard the call others spoke of and felt the feather touch of something divine; gentle, paternal and warm, things she had no experience of before. She was smart enough never to tell a soul of this and it remains a secret to this day.

She did however learn quickly, outpacing the more traditionally origined kids that shared one orbit or the other. Pain it seemed was a very good motivator indeed, certainly enough to equip and drive her to ‘remove’ the prime source of her abuse at the tender age of eleven.

The cardinal adjusted his plans, acquired others for the ‘softer’ means to his advancement and angled his fiery little foundling towards more martial aspects… after a suitable period of remonstrance.

At fourteen she took her next set of vows, her new name and finally escaped the monthly visits of her patron, before accompanying one of his agents into the field and later on the Invasion of Wyzkow. It was the freest time of her life and some of the best but it also brought her into contact with the horrors of a true war and the predators for whom such chaos was an opportunity.

During one harsh Wykow winter a coterie of vampires driven from their habitual roost began preying on the army and it was Tia who followed the trail of bodies back to their nest and led the team in with ‘bell book and brand’ to end their threat. Of the forty souls that went in only a dozen returned, and though Tia was among them and rewarded for the deed, she had learned a new hatred that rapidly broadened to more of the darker aspects beyond society.

It was also during this period that she finally resolved to cut ties with the man who had so shaped her life, a generous and attractive counter offer having been made by a noblewoman Tia saved. It was not to be; the Cardinal Hoess of Wissenburg far from willing to lose such a useful tool. A teenage novice of the Wissenburg monastery had an 'accident' and in this way it was made very clear to Tia who would be the first to suffer should she stray from his path.

Time wore on, the tragedies of her past increasingly fading under the imperatives of the present and increasingly she found herself utilised against those darker things from the fringes, her personal drive suiting her cardinal’s own desires. These days she carries papers accrediting her with the powers of an Inquisitor Captain and a squad of fifteen (including squires, sergeants and a chaplain) to back her up.

Things came to a head when she returned victorious with the Lost Ark of the Creator from Kerak, sought at the orders of another Cardinal. Hoess apparently thought she needed a fresh lesson and took a young friend of the troop to serve as the object lesson.. and was instead hunted down and killed

An ally helped her evade the heat falling from the death of an apparently faithful Cardinal and has recently, on her return, used his influence with the cardinal of Wyzim to see her reinstated as her role.
☩ Ojeck The Oathbreaker: With Elena Kruger took on an ex hexer in his fort, burned it and him down, acquired some Hexer knowledge. Got paid by Steiner. Attacked rebel manor meeting. Earned favour from Steiner
☩ Blood Moon Rising: With "Skunk" Werewolves in Wyzkow at Girly garand's pub
+ Murder on the moors, fought with ragtags to kill satyrs, and cultists.
☩ Ojek Intermission: With Elena, took on the mages of Katowice, killed their champion. Killed rebel, Mesionof. Met Kuanitz. Rescued some girls to nunnery.
☩ Ojek Phoenix Rising: Trailed and killed fallen Inquisitor Lex, acquired troops, fought wraiths at Blackfen and griffons with Kuanty. Took Wurtheim back from Ojek, recieved Steiner's thanks.
☩ Spear1, Attended grand opening at Wissenburg Opera, it burned down, helped apprehend Wyzack remnant mage.
☩ Royal occasion, attended Century ball in Paragon at patron's insistence, may have helped get Kuanty arrested
☩ Rage Against, investigated happenings in Munster, failed to prevent diabolical fire.
☩ Spear 2, Explored the ruins of Sigrund, helped defeat ancient evil, some time travelling possession involved
☩ Spear 3, Crossed the silk road, took on evil governor in Jade town, recovered first part of the lance. Fell in with jadese bandits.
☩ Spear 4, Crossed the Huango Desert to the rediscovered Lost City, fought and killed a Jadese province lord, recovered the rest of the Spear.
☩ Spear 5, travelled by portal to Northern Yoshima, to 'Cokrel castle' defended their eternal flame from the Ice Queen, slayed the witch, blessed by a tree, found an
☩ Spear 6, Travelled to Mainland Yoshima, by way of some pirate attacks, chased thief of the Mirror, saved a village, met Togukawa
☩ Fireflower, On the way home stopped in the archipelago and went hunting a flower, met some lizardmen, killed some pirates, took a ship.

☩ Call of the Viper: Returned to the west, went with Elena on a quest for the vipers, by way of the sylvan isles and Napelle
☩ Duchess in the golden mask, Saved the Duchess of Congac from a tower, raced her enemy to paragon, saved the queen from his plot too with a fight in her gardens
☩ The Chalice. Followed a lead to southern freelands where the legendary Chalice was hidden, racing Beloq to it. Discovered hidden tribe, found ancient cache.. and a clue to the Ark
☩ The Ark, ventured through Turesh to sea, saved Maltarr from a plot, went to Kerak, foudn ancient tomb, found Ark, returned north, destroyed Mummy lich in ruins of Acre. Was paraded in Reikfurt.
☩ Frost falls, travelled to Ulfgaard, made alliance with Brynhilde in Volstag, fought ancient king and lizards under mountain, recovered 'Heart of Stone' glowing gem, fought dragon, culties, at Gunnargap met hammer, recovered secrets of the steelsongs, helped end the southstone rising. Fought orcs at Blutgart, pirates in the sea, hags in a village, was rewarded again by Steiner.

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